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What’s Going On This Weekend In Baton Rouge

Posted by: kelly on Jul 25, 2014 in Baton Rouge, Family Fun, Mommy Go Round

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend, the Mommy-Go-Round has got you covered. Check out our list of events happening in and around Baton Rouge this weekend, and have fun! FRIDAY COCKTAILS IN THE GARDENS Seeding a standard gala with natural, verdant ambiance, the Burden Horticulture Society had both a […]

5 Ways to Bring More Fruits and Veggies to Your Diet


480585269The following post was written by Amber McGuerty with Woman’s Nutrition Services Department.

You’re trying to eat right and exercise more. You’ve cut out fast food and are getting to the gym, but what about your intake of fruits and vegetables?

The recommended number of daily servings of fruits and veggies is five, but no one tells us how to get that into our daily diets.

People who consume fruits and vegetables typically have a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Fruits and vegetables provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals, and most are low in calories.

It is easy to incorporate them into your usual daily diet. Just follow these five steps to help you bring more green to your belly.

1. Discover fast ways to cook: Fresh or frozen vegetables can be easily cooked in the microwave. Check your local supermarket; most have frozen, steamable vegetables. Pop in the microwave for about five minutes. Easy and nutritious!

2. Think ahead: Cut up a batch of bell peppers, carrots or broccoli. They can be frozen and used when preparing quick meals after work or they can be used as grab-and-go snacks.

3. Think about variety: Fruits are available in dried, frozen and canned forms. When canned, purchase in water or in 100% fruit juice to avoid products with added sugar. Fresh fruit can also make a great on-the-go snack.

4. Add color to your salad: Brighten your salad by adding colorful fruits and vegetables. Mandarin oranges, strawberries and red bell peppers are examples of colorful additions that not only make your salad colorful, but more nutritious.

5. Buy in season: Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season for maximum flavor at a lower cost. Check your local supermarket or visit your local farmer’s market for deals on seasonal items.

Keeping My Skin Healthy and Preventing Melanoma

Posted by: Living With Cancer Guest Poster on Jul 24, 2014 in Living With Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. One person dies of melanoma almost every hour. However, with early detection, this disease can be cured. Check out the following video from the American Cancer Society and watch how you can take care of your skin to prevent melanoma and future […]

So Many Firsts

It feels cliché to say, but I’m having so much fun experiencing all of Audrey’s firsts. First babbles, first swims, first foods, first holidays. It all seems so new and exciting to her, which makes it new and exciting for us. I told you last time about her first “Mama”, but there’s so much more […]

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