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Keep Calm and Nurse On

Breastfeeding is the best choice during an emergency. It is sanitary, doesn’t require water or electricity and provides the perfect nutrition for your baby. Breast milk does not need to be mixed or warmed and contains antibodies that help fight infection. Even if you have discontinued breastfeeding, you may be able to start again; this […]

Clean Hands Can Save Lives

Posted by: Heal Thy Self Guest Poster on Aug 23, 2016 in Heal Thy Self, Uncategorized

After a disaster, staying clean can be difficult. You may not have clean water or access to proper cleaning supplies, but staying clean helps you and your family stay healthy. Hands should be washed before preparing and eating food, treating a cut or wound and prior to tending to someone who may be sick. Hands […]

Keep Baby Sleeping Safely

In an emergency or disaster, parents may find themselves in a shelter or temporary home without a standard or portable crib for baby to sleep in. But even during difficult times, baby still needs a lot of sleep – safe sleep, that is. Here are a few things to remember when providing your baby with […]

Disaster Cleanup While Pregnant

Recovering after a disaster is difficult enough as it is. But if you’re pregnant, be sure to follow these tips: Avoid mold exposure. After a flood, moisture can remain in drywall, wood furniture, carpet and other surfaces. Buildings wet for more than 48 hours will usually have visible, significant mold growth. Avoid intense, physical work. You shouldn’t […]

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