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Finding a Running Group Around Baton Rouge



Are you someone who would rather run with the pack than as a lone wolf?

Running clubs around Baton Rouge have sprung up recently as more and more people are taking to the streets and running together. From running vets training for a full marathon to a shuffler looking to complete his or her first 5K, these groups offer paces and routes for every runner.


Varsity Sports Running Group 

varsitysportsVarsity Sports has been the premier running and fitness retailer in the Baton Rouge area for years, and the store also has one of the most popular running groups in the city. Varsity Sports owner Jenni Peters leads the running brigade with runs for every distance, pace and experience level – from Baton Rouge’s fastest to newer and not-so-fast runners. There is no fee to run with Varsity Sports; Just be ready to run!


Club South Runners

clubsouthIf there’s a road race in Baton Rouge, chances are Club South Runners is behind it. CSR started in 1977 to promote running for all ages and abilities in and around Baton Rouge. The club sponsors races, fitness clinics and social events throughout town. Membership costs $20, and members receive discounts on races and at running retailers, members-only running schwag and a subscription to the club’s newsletter and Baton Rouge running events.


Happy’s Running Club

happysScott Higgins and Michael Lang started Happy’s Running Club in 2008 as a way for people to “run … drink … and be Happy.” Five years later, Happy’s is still running strong. In fact, it’s grown from 17 runners on its first Tuesday evening run to regularly drawing about 300 – at times around 450 – participants. The group meets at Happy’s Irish Pub in downtown Baton Rouge at 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday. Membership costs $35, and runners of all levels – and their dog – is invited to join.


Fleet Feet Running

fleetfeetFleet Feet is the newest running store to the Baton Rouge scene, and like Varsity Sports, Fleet Feet also holds group runs during the week. Fleet Feet staff, many of whom are former college runners, are at the running events and can share their knowledge with participants. The group meets on Thursday evening and Saturday mornings, which gives you plenty of time to still make kickoff at Tiger Stadium.


Northgate Athletic Club

northgateSunday means Runday for members of the Northgate Athletic Club. One of the newer running groups in Baton Rouge, the club teamed up with Massey’s to host group runs every Wednesday and Sunday at the North gates of LSU’s campus. The group meets at 5:30 p.m. both days for runs around the LSU lakes and area around the university campus. Membership is $20, and members receive a Brooks technical running shirt and discounts at local businesses, including Massey’s, Varsity Sports and Serrano’s.

Debunking the Myth: Overindulging Before Surgery

Posted by: Weight Loss Guest Poster on Oct 21, 2014 in Nutrition, Weight Loss Surgery

There are many myths and wrong assumptions people have with weight loss surgery. Here, we try to dispel some of these incorrect ideas and inform you of the truth with bariatric surgery.

If you have a myth or heard something you’d like to check on, fill out a comment below or attend one of Woman’s free weight loss surgery seminars held twice every month.

The Myth: “I should eat my favorite foods now since I will never be able to eat them again after surgery.”

The Reality: Overindulging on favorite foods before surgery is known as “last supper syndrome.” However, the myth that some foods will be forever “off limits” after surgery is not true. Eventually, you will be able to eat many of your favorite foods, including the ones that made you gain weight in the first place. Also, overindulging before weight loss surgery is not recommended. If you overindulge, you may increase your surgery risk by gaining weight, increasing your blood glucose (sugar) levels, and increasing your liver fat. Furthermore, by eating fatty and sugary foods, you are reinforcing problem behavior. That is moving in the wrong direction right off the bat!

*Information provided by Woman’s Hospital’s Bariatric Surgery Department

Cancer Q&A with Darla Zachary Sims

Darla Zachary Sims, 46. Woman’s Hospital analyst. Married, 2 children. How did you find out you had breast cancer? I found the lump in my left breast, and at my yearly checkup I was told it was a cyst and to watch it … Several weeks later, my husband saw a past neighbor and learned […]

How to Pick Out the Proper Running Shoe



Is your foot arch high, low or normal? Do you need more support or motion control in your running shoe? Do you overpronate or underpronate? Do you know what pronate means?

Picking out a running shoe is not as easy as finding the right sized shoes and going for a run. The best running shoe should match a runner’s arch height, running style and foot striking.

CTAButtonRunning shoes come in a variety of categories, from motion control and stability to support and cushioned, and every runner has different needs from their shoes.

In the following video, the Healthy Self blog traveled to Varsity Sports, Baton Rouge’s premier running store, to get some tips on how to pick out the proper shoe and learn how no two running shoes are exactly the same.

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