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Can Children Develop Skin Cancer?

Posted by: Mommy Go Round Guest Poster on May 26, 2015 in Health, Mommy Go Round

May is National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. While it’s rare for children to develop melanoma and skin cancer, protecting them now with sunscreen and shade can make a big impact in their health later on in life. The following information is provided by the Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge and was published by The […]

Happy Memorial Day from The Mommy-Go-Round

Recipe to Help with Appetite Loss

The following post is written by Paula Meeks, registered dietitian with Woman’s Hospital.

Previously, we talked about how to cope with appetite loss as a patient goes through cancer treatment. Here’s a quick and easy recipe to help patients with a decreased appetite get the proper nutrition and calories without filling up their stomachs too much. […]

9 Foods to Help You Sleep

May is Better Sleep Month, a time for you to evaluate your nighttime routine to get the best night’s sleep. The following post was written by

Some people have trouble falling asleep. Others can’t stay asleep. And then there are the people who have trouble turning life “off” and tucking into bed at a reasonable hour.

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